NULL Costume.png
Endor Costume.png
Health Stat Icon1.png Health Random Heart Icon.png
Damage Stat Icon1.png Damage ? (*1.00) 3.5 (*0.70)
Tears Stat Icon.png Tears ? -3
Shot Speed Stat Icon1.png Shot Speed ? 1
Range Stat Icon1.png Range ? 23.75
Speed Stat Icon1.png Speed ? 1.20
Luck Stat Icon1.png Luck ? 0
Starting Pickups 3 Random Pickups None
Starting Item(s) Collectibles 258 missingno.png + Questionmark.png

Collectible spiriteye.png + Collectible cauldron3.png

Mod Pack
Pack 1.png
Pack 2.png
Hush Collectible buggedbombs.png Collectible endorshat.png
Mega Satan Collectible graphicserror.png Collectible owltotem.png
Delirium Collectible oldcontroller.png Collectible subconscious.png

Alphabirth adds two additional characters to The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth. Each character plays uniquely and challenges the player to approach the game using new strategies and tactics not found with the original base characters.



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